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We deliver end-to-end solutions for rapid adoption and ROI on your software investments

Users who are not provided proper learning opportunities take 4x as long to perform their tasks and require 6x more support. Even with the best training efforts, learners forget 80% of knowledge gained in 2 weeks and almost 90% within a month. Effective training and a follow on strategy to provide users with ongoing support is paramount to reaching true competency and ROI on your technology investments. 

training and performance support services

Training Strategy

With any training initiative, failure to plan is essentially planning to fail. Our Training Strategy solutions provide training project management throughout the project lifecycle promoting a rapid return on your technology investments.

Tool Acquisition Assistance

We have partnered with the best learning and support platforms available and are ready to help you acquire licensing for the platform that best meets your needs to exceed your training and support goals.

Training & Support Content Development

Creating effective learning content demands time and expertise. Our content development staff creates high quality, consistent and effective materials for any application, that is accurate, engaging and oriented to the learner regardless of the training tool used.

Content Development Training & Mentoring

We offer administration and development training and mentoring for all of our software partner’s products.

Training Delivery

Our expert trainers with years of application experience can help get you through the finish line.

UPK Transition

The rumor of Oracle UPK’s demise have been heard for years and now that time is approaching. This is not the time to panic, but the time to begin planning your move. JOLT specializes in helping organizations transition from UPK! We have conducted an extensive amount of research in finding viable replacements and fear not, there are great options available when the time comes to transition from UPK.

We have partnered with the best UPK replacement platforms and are ready to help you bridge the gap to your long-term solution.

Our fully customizable program designed to help ease the process can help you acquire licensing for the platform that best meets your needs and provides you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to quickly get your environments optimized, developers trained and SME’s fully engaged to streamline development and maximize end-user adoption with your new training and performance support platform.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your UPK transition.


Tool Acquisition

Training & Support
Content Development

Content Development
Training & Mentoring



training and performance support solutions

Ancile uperform

Easily and quickly capture or document knowledge and distribute content to employees at the point of need, in the right language and in the right format.

Epilogue opus

Document applications quickly, easily and broadly and deliver a wide range of documentation and performance support from the cloud.

Assima Vimago

Transform any enterprise application into a business accelerator through innovative cloning, performance support, content authoring and analytics solutions


Accelerate onboarding, provide smarter training and reduce support overhead with real-time in-app guidance, active on-the-job learning and just-in-time contextual assistance.

Oracle upk

Oracle User Productivity Kit is a multi-purpose content development and training platform that allows organizations to capture and distribute knowledge across the enterprise. Our certified Oracle UPK specialists can help you install or upgrade, configure, develop and customize content. We also provide ongoing provide support and UPK managed services. 

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